First, we are currently trying to get dealer pricing through State of the Art Arms to build a better upper and bring savings to you, our customers. We are currently looking to sell 10 complete upper recievers in your choice of 5.56 and .300 black outs. Until we meet this we will be offering our complete upper in these 2 styles for our whole sale price of $725.00. After we sell the first 10 the price will go to our standard retail price of $775.00. Without this dealer pricing we would be selling these setups for $850.00. Hurry and choose between our 3 styles of uppers and we will build them all at once as soon as this limit of 10 is reached. There may be a little wait for some but its for a good cause and a good product. 


Second, we are introducing our zombie lower. This will be our Ridgeline Series with the zombie symbol machine engraved into the side of the magwell. You can choose from 4 colors to fill the symbol: Red, Zombie Green, Yellow, and Purple. Check them out and have your weapons ready for the zombie apocalypse!!!!!

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